Student’s Complaints & Appeals Policy

  1. Introduction

    1.1 “WINE EDUCATOR” is committed to providing an internationally recognised and high
    quality service and maintaining a fast and effective procedure to allow all students to
    bring forward any concern and issues and where there is a cause for our concern and
    immediate attention.

    It is important that if you feel dissatisfied with any matter relating to your enrolment at the
    “WINE EDUCATOR”, on the following mail address, you should
    have an effective means by which such matter can be aired or communicated and where
    appropriate, resolved.

    “WINE EDUCATOR” aims to provide the best possible solution to settle complaints as
    soon as possible, in an amicable manner which will benefit the interest of both parties; all
    complaints and appeals will be addressed to areas where improvement is identified and

    1.2 “WINE EDUCATOR” seek to handle issues and complaints and appeals in a manner

    • Encourages most appropriate and possible solution
    • Fair and Efficient
    • Treats complaint with sincerity, seriousness, and most importantly with confidentiality
    • To ensure that “WINE EDUCATOR” will improve its practice as a result where this is

    1.3 This document is pertinent to all students who has some issues and who may wish to
    complain about any aspect of the institution including:

    • Teaching and academic facilities
    • Quality of teaching and supervision
    • Academic services, such as wine tasting equipment, technically right wine samples
      with exception when faulty wines are shown as sample etc.
    • Administrative services
    • Admission Procedure
    • The behaviour of another student
    • The behaviour of a member of staff
    • Examination results or level of grades
  2. Guide to making a Complaint or Appeal

    2.1 Why should I complain?
    Similar to there are no such thing as perfect, no service is perfect. Mistakes can happen andhuman error exists. However, there are always room for improvement. This is why “WINE EDUCATOR”, encourages its students to inform as soon as possible if they feel dissatisfied about the services or they would recommend any suggestion for improvement of the quality of the services.

    2.2To whom should I complain?
    At “WINE EDUCATOR”, it is in everybody’s interest to deal with any issues or complaints quickly and if possible in amicable manner. Advice may be sought from different people or resources depending on the nature of the complaint. “WINE EDUCATOR” has number of people who can be approached and may find helpful before moving further with the complaint.

    You may wish to consider contacting the following personnel before proceeding with complaint:
    Nominated Educator, Examinations Officer and Student Service

    2.3 Can someone make a complaint on my behalf?
    Only registered student can submit a complaint or appeal on the mail.

    2.4 I don’t want to put forward a formal complain because I am afraid that it might affect my assessment
    “WINE EDUCATOR” has made a commitment that under no circumstances that students will be penalised for raising a complaint. All staff involved in handling complaints are obliged to ensure that any complaints will not influence any assessment or the way the student will be treated after the procedure.

    2.5 Will the person I complain about find out?
    Individuals or any members of the institution which is subject of the complaint, is entitled to know who has raised an issue or a complaint about them, consequently the nature of the complaint. At some exceptional cases and with justifiable reasons, “WINE EDUCATOR” will acknowledge the complaint to be anonymous for the initial stages of the procedure (which will be documented). However, “WINE EDUCATOR” will normally wish to undertake confidential discussions in person with the complaint and with the subject of the complaint.

    2.6 How will the complaint be resolved?
    “WINE EDUCATOR” will ensure that complaints will be dealt with and will have an appropriate and proportionate action within at least 20 working days.

    Where a complaint remains unresolved following the initial handling of the case, the complaint is forwarded to WSET APP manager.

  3. Stages of Procedure

    We detail below the procedure how you can have your complaint resolved:

    Stage 1:

    In as much as it is possible, please try to liaise and resolve the issue between yourself and the member of staff in question.

    Stage 2:

    If you cannot resolve the issue with the member of staff in question, you can report the matter to your Educator (mentor, tutor) in person or by filling a complaint form. The educator can address the issue by himself/herself. If you complaint is about a non lecturing member of staff, your teacher will help facilitate a forum where you can meet the Examination Officer. Note that you can find the contact details of your personal educator on your copy of the timetable.

    Stage 3:

    If your matter is still not resolved to your satisfaction, you then can appeal to

    Stage 4:

    If your issue is not dealt with to your satisfaction at this level, you can communicate in writing to have your matter dealt with by the WSET about APP “WINE EDUCATOR” at

    Additional Notes:
    1. After a matter is resolved, the complaint and action taken is documented and action implemented so as to prevent future reoccurrence.
    2. There are certain complaints which may need to be addressed externally by the examination bodies. We will make sure that we give you proper advice on how to communicate comments and complaints to your examination body.

    You can send your complaint or appeal online by filling the following form:


Koce Ivanovski

Skopje, 15/08/2018

Wine Educator Manager


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