Special Consideration Policy

Special consideration is an action taken after an assessment to allow candidates who have been disadvantaged by temporary illness, injury, indisposition or adverse circumstances at the time of the assessment to demonstrate attainment.

Special consideration will not give unfair advantage over candidates for whom special consideration is not being applied, or alter the assessment demands of the qualification as detailed in the applicable Specification\

A candidate may be eligible for special considerations if:
• Performance in an examination is affected by circumstances beyond the control of the candidate. This may include recent personal illness, accident, bereavement or examination room conditions
• Alternative assessment arrangements which were agreed in advance of the assessment proved inappropriate or inadequate;
• Application of special consideration would not mislead the end-user of the certificate.

Please note that Wine Educator, as well WSET Awards does not offer aegrotat awards and that all assessment requirements of WE correlated with WSET qualifications must be met.

Applying for special consideration

Candidate must submit a Special Consideration Application Form which is available at WE’s web site www.wineeducator.eu and send by e-mail at educator@tikves.com.mk within 5 working days of the assessment date for which special consideration is being sought. Eligibility will only be considered if accompanied by supporting independent documentation.

In cases of serious disruption during the examination, the Examinations Officer will submit a detailed report of the circumstances and candidates affected to WSET Awards, and will return the completed examination papers together with report to the WSET.

Where a candidate is unable to attend an examination due to recent personal illness, accident or bereavement, APP will conduct Special Consideration to the WSET® Awards which will endeavour to transfer the candidate to an alternative examination date at no extra cost if all previous mentioned aspects are covered.

If a candidate is unable to attend an examination for which they have been registered due to circumstances outside their direct control, they should notify their APP as soon as possible, and complete the “Request for Special Consideration” form submitting written 3rd party evidence to support their application.

Wine Educator will keep records of all applications for special consideration.


Koce Ivanovski

Skopje, 15/08/2018

Wine Educator Manager


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