Reasonable Adjustments Policy

A reasonable adjustment is any action that helps to reduce the effect of a disability or difficulty that places the candidate at a substantial disadvantage through educational processes, including the assessment of knowledge.

Wine Educator seeks to secure equal opportunity to all candidates to follow the processes of education and examination in a way that puts them at no disadvantage, or advantage, over other candidates.

Reasonable adjustments will not give unfair advantage over candidates for whom reasonable adjustments are not being made, or affect the reliability and validity of the assessment outcomes as detailed in the applicable Specification.

Reasonable adjustments may involve:

  • Changing standard assessment arrangements, for example allowing candidates extra time to complete the assessment activity
  • Adapting assessment materials, such as providing materials in large text format;
  • Providing access facilitators during assessment, such as a sign language interpreter or reader
  • Re-organising the assessment room, such as removal of visual stimuli for an autistic candidate. For further information, please contact our service at

Applying for a reasonable adjustment

Candidates who have special needs to follow up classes and answer at examination processes need to fill Request for Reasonable Adjustment Form 6 (six) weeks prior to lecturing beginning (or in case of resiting the exam 6 weeks prior the exam date) for Level 1- 3 and send to Wine Educator at

In case of Level 4 timing required for submit the request is at least 10 (ten) weeks prior the begining of classes or exam date in case candidate already follow up the classes and resit the exam.

Wine Educator, is not in possition to approve or decline Request for Reasonable Adjustment. As an APP (Aproved Program Provider) of WSET will only conduct such request to WSET who will decide about candidate’s request. Therefore Request for Reasonable Adjustment must be acompanied with evidence.

Candidates and their advisors should be aware that it is not appropriate to make requests for where the candidate’s particular difficulty directly affects performance in the attributes that are the focus of the assessment.Wine Educator is committed to keeping records of such request.


Koce Ivanovski

Skopje, 15/08/2018

Wine Educator Manager


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